WUKA®️ Teen Stretch™️ Seamless Heavy Flow🩸🩸🩸🩸Black

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Mid GussetMid Gusset

Stretches 4 sizesStretches 3 Sizes

Teen Stretch ™ Seamless Period Pants, designed to grow with your child up to 3 sizes thanks to the unique inner gusset that expands bi-directionally for a comfortable, leak-free custom fit.

Teen Stretch™ keeps teens dry, secure and odour-free for up to 12hrs, you know your flow best, on heavy days 4-6 hours so take a spare pair, everyone is unique.

Key Features: 

  • Narrow gusset designed for teen proportions.
  • CoolMax™ Absorbent Technology – fast-drying, moisture wicking gusset.
  • Heavy Flow: 20ml = holds up to 4 tampons or 3 day pads

Perfect for: First periods, heavy periods. Complete replacement for tampons and pads.

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2XS-S (8-12 ar), S-L (12-16 ar)


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