WUKA®️ Teen Stretch™️ Seamless Heavy Flow🩸🩸🩸🩸Red

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Riding high on the success of our WUKA Stretch™️ period pants, we decided to adapt our innovative stretch technology to create Teen Stretch. These pants feature a narrower gusset for a more snug and comfortable fit, perfect for growing bodies.

We know that raising fast-growing teens can quickly get expensive- just keeping up with growing appetites and the constant need for new clothes, shoes and sports kit is enough!  But having to fork out each month for disposable period products is an expense you just don’t need- both financially, and when it comes to the planet too. 

We also know that period pants are an investment, one that many parents don’t want to make for their kids when their bodies are changing so much. Hence why we’re so excited about the multi-sizing aspect of these pants- and we think you will be too!

WUKA Teen Stretch are the only period pants that grow with your teen’s changing body as they progress through puberty and into adulthood. So there’s no need to keep buying new underwear as their body develops and changes- each pair lasts up to two years if cared for properly, a complete replacement for plastic riddled disposable pads and tampons.

Great for accommodating growth spurts, body changes and period bloating. And they’re available for ages 8 to 16 years, ready for your period when you are.


Our patented Stretch™ technology means that WUKA Teen Stretch allows for growth and movement, without compromising on style, comfort or durability. 

One pair fits up to three different sizes- choose from 2XS (age 8-12), S-L (age 12-16), XS-L and XL- 4XL. They stretch, they support, they absorb.


WUKA Teen Stretch seamless period pants

The middle layers of the gusset are designed to lock the blood in away from the body, so you stay dry and comfortable, and odour free too. 


Like all our other period pants, WUKA Teen Stretch are designed to be worn like your normal underwear, in place of disposable or reusable padsor disposable tampons. So when you have your period, you just put them on and bleed into them; the highly absorbent gusset will keep you dry and fresh so you don’t need to worry about leaks, odour or infection for up to 12 hours. 

how do WUKA teen stretch worK?

We use microfibre to make the WUKA Teen Stretch, and this makes them super soft to touch and super comfortable too. The gusset is made up of many super absorbent layers, and its part suspended, part attached, so that it can stretch to accommodate all sizes. 


WUKA Teen Stretch also feature CoolMax™️technology- so they’re quick drying, moisture wicking and far superior to any other pair of period pants on the market. Great for active teens on the go no matter where they are in their cycle.

WUKA teen stretch period pants


When you’re managing your period at school, there can be nothing worse than needing to excuse yourself to the bathroom with period products stuffed up your sleeve. True, we should not be embarrassed about our period, but the fact remains that sometimes we just don’t want everyone to know about it. 

Period pants are discreet and comfortable- worn just like normal underwear, needing no crinkly wrappers or fiddly packets. In fact, WUKA Teen stretch are so soft, lightweight and comfortable that even you won’t know they’re there, let alone anyone else. 


All WUKA products are sustainable. Every single par of pants we make is designed to be a complete replacement for disposable pads and tampons, and we know that this is an issue lots of young people really care about. The planet and all living creatures on it needs our support, and we at WUKA will never compromise on that.

We don’t use harmful chemicals or PFAs. We don’t use toxins. We don’t use plastics.


WUKA Teen Stretch are available in three colour-ways (choose black, blue or red – each available with a matching two pocket wash bag), and will hold up to four tampons worth of blood. They can be re-used for up to two years if cared for properly, providing a complete pad and tampon replacement for your growing teen. 

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2XS-S (8-12 ár), S-L (12-16 ár)


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